Hacker and Locksmith

Haven’t been able to find anything in the forums, FB or errata on these two but I’m really curious as to what the intent is for the second part of these cards, when you don’t have the skill icon:

If model has no {icon} skill, perk gives model {icon}2.

there’s no space at the end between the icon and the number 2 either.

So is the intent just to give you the skill, not attached to any SPECIAL, at a 2? Which is a 30% success chance? If so that explains why no one ever uses this card for that as it’s kind of pointless.

Or is that 2 a typo and supposed to have the appropriate SPECAL letters there? and was just a find/replace miss?

Or is it missing a - and supposed to be at -2 (which would make a lot more sense) but it’s skill missing what attribute it should go on.

I’ve noticed the Robot equivalent of these two cards state they give the robot the skill (agi for locks and int for terminals) or +2. Seams like these are what Hacker and Locksmith are trying to say.