Grognak the barbarian

Does Grognak belong to Survivors faction? His card is neutral, but he is in the Survivors force list, and the app says he is Survivor (his card).


From what I can see, Grognak is a Neutral Model that can be included in the Survivors Battle Mode Force List. That should be reflected in the app if their card says Survivor.


Ok, the thing is The Burned Man appears as neutral in his unit card, even inside the Caesar’s legion force list, always appears as neutral model. Not with Grognak in this case, he appears as survivor below his name (people could think it would gain an armor boost token when using the app).
I will send a message to Jamie.


The Burned Man is a good example here. Battle Mode is an additional add-on to the F:WW narrative experience and the cards kinda need to straddle this extra mode, as well as the narrative side of things.

The Burned Man card is made with the regular narrative mode in mind. Him being added to Battle Mode is an extra. Keep in mind, there are no Force Lists for regular play - you can do what you want.