Game Books orientation

I could see the book orientation of that of John Carter of Mars line would be thematically fitting for DUNE. What are the chances we’ll see JCoM style for this?

You have piqued my curiosity, can you clarify what they did different with JCoM in this regard?

The spine is on the 8.5 side instead of the usual 11 inch side. So it opens much wider wide-screen effect.


There is certainly the scope for big panoramic imagery in Dune.

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I could totally see that working

Yes, I would really prefer a landscape panoramic Dune book (like the JCoM books).

I would also prefer landscape. It makes the PDFs easier to read on laptop at the table.

I’m not a big fan of panoramic, but for electronic only, it’s great for laptop use.
For dead tree? Slight preference for portrait or square, not more than 25.5cm wide cover, tho, 25x25cm wouldn’t bother me a bit.

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For those of us who actually buy the outdated dead tree versions of a game- please, please, please release the physical book in the traditional format. Even if you release a different variant for digital, the one thing I hate about the JCoM corebook I bought is the layout.

It produces several practical problems that only become apparent when you own one as part of an RPG collection. First, the book just doesn’t fit with my regular bookcase unless I switch it round and then I can’t see the spine- this would be a bigger issue the more books I owned in this format.

But that’s just inconvenient. The real problem is that the book falls apart faster. As anyone with a basic knowledge of mechanics could have told the Modiphius staff, their experimental new format puts more stress on the spine. Not only is that stress spread across a smaller spine but the longer pages give more leverage. My JCoM corebook already shows signs of deterioration that just aren’t there with my Conan and Star Trek books, despite them seeing as much or more use.

Don’t release anything in landscape format unless it’s only ever going to be for digital. I can see a day coming when digital is the only thing that matters, but until it does please respect those of us that still like to own physical copies by not making them less durable for the sake of digital sales.

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Landscape isn’t new nor experimental, @Tantavalist…It’s been a standard printing industry option for a long time. It’s just little used outside art-books aimed for the coffee table.

Many comic strip collections are published in landscape, albeit in smaller size.

Likewise, Far Future Enterprises used it for the Classic Traveller Reprints.
Box Ninja’s 3:16 is also landscape.
A few other games have been, as well.

I hope not as my John Carter of Mars physical book is hard to handle while reading as the outer halves of its pages bend due to gravity when I’m holding it in my hands.

All true, but I personally prefer standard orientation. I have the landscape Traveller books as well as several other nonstandard game and history books. Except for the ones where the drawings, maps and blueprints actually require that orientation, I wish they would fit with my other books.

But in the end it won’t really matter to me. The game’aholic in me won’t allow me to not buy it :pensive:

I would go with portrait as well.
I find it more useful for the space I have available. Both on the table and the bookcase.

On the table is the one place that landscape is better… I can hid it behind a screen as I noticed with the Traveller BFBs (Big Floppy Books). The biggest problem with the BFB’s for me is that until the last few years, I’d usually GM’d from the big easy chair with players around the living room, and the BFB’s flopped over the thighs.

While I probably shouldn’t I feel I should put you out of your misery on this one.
The books will be standard portrait format like Star Trek Adventures. :slight_smile:


Thank you…

I love JCoM, and the books are absolutely gorgeous from an aesthetic perspective. From a practical standpoint, unless being read at a table, landscape-oriented books of that size are not easy to read/peruse as their weight and proportions make them very unwieldy.

Looking forward to the final product! :slight_smile:

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Agreed, I’m glad they will be standard orientation.

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Really, I’m also glad it’s going to be portrait.
I just don’t find landscape a big issue.