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Galaxy News Radio Scenario

I have created an scenario for one of my favorite parts of Fallout 3, the Behemoth fight at GNR Plaza.

Galaxy News Radio.pdf (495.6 KB)

It have several features:

  • Super Mutants vs Brotherhood of Steel
  • It includes an adaptation for playing without Behemoth and even with Starter Box
  • With some AI tips for playing solo mode

I will be glad to receive any kind of feedback

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So is that your version of the fat man or have they released it? Either way I hope I see more scenarios I really appreciate people like you making them…jusy expands my game thanks man

This is my Fat Man version, because no official Fat Man has been released. I have created the stats according to:

  • Fat Man stats in the video game
  • Behemoth stats in the video game
  • Stats from Fallout Wasteland Warefare
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The suiciders have mini nukes, the difference is theirs has 1black and 2 yellow dice, and the damage line is different, it has 4 damage at yellow, with an extra damage, armor piercing, and stun at orange.


I haven’t realized that suiciders have same mini nukes that Fat Man!!!

I will change the card in order to make it more similar to that card.


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