Alien Zetan Scenarios?

With the Alien Zetan arriving in some sets (and the Nuka-Girl in others!) why not some scenarios that take them into play and highlights them? Co-op against a Zetan mind controller and its pet Deathclaw? AI of a Zetan experiment grabbing mission?! Possibilities could be intriguing…


I like the idea of Zetan scenarios but things would be rather limited since most will only have a single alien.

It would probably be best to hold off until an expansion for them is made.

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Well fallout threes DLC gives them what they need to make a faction out of them.

Since they’re planning on doing the crashed Zetan spaceship from 4 as a terrain piece (forget if it’s due to be wave 2 or 3), is there a chance there’ll be something like a Zetan scenario in that? Maybe not, since it won’t necessarily include any Zetan’s themselves, but even then we could still use it to make our own :slight_smile:

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Fallout 3 had precedent for mind control or experiments, without extra Zetan units, we could perhaps see scenarios around that.

I’ve got more than one of the aliens since I got more than one starter box. I’ve actually been thinking about putting together a couple of scenarios related to them. I’ll be sure to share when I get around to it.