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Federation Freedom Class Stats

I’m going to be creating the stats for the Freedom class (24th century, single warp nacelle design) here. Of note is the “Phaser “Cannon” weapon system. All input is welcome.

image image

Well you can certain have a phaser cannon - just mix the relevant options from the weapons tables. You’ll get something akin to the Defiant’s weaponry. Or you can just use banks or arrays and either not worry about its peculiar structure (the system tends towards this approach), or check through the ship talents list for somethign appropriate.

But do we know that’s a weapon? The similar spikes on the Soyuz are supposed to be sensor systems.

I would favour this as there is no other indication of a Deflector array.

Also TBH it clearly has phaser arrays and Starfleet ships tend to not have an abundance of weapon options. However if it is a Phaser Cannon, well there are rules for that.

The phaser cannon is a weapon according to other Star Trek sources ( the model designer’s notes in the Eaglemoss collectibles pamphlet for the USS Firebrand).

I like your idea of just using the rules for phaser cannon in the core rulebook. I would propose the Freedom’s initial departments: Security 2, Science 1 as it is listed as a light explorer and military duties escort and defense vessel in the previously mentioned source. Of course, your chosen ship Mission Profile will customize for your purposes.

Scale: 4 ship. Other stats to follow soon.

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Actually, the deflector array is specifically the lump under the bussard collector… Not that all Starfleet ships have an obvious deflector.

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I had a look on Memory Alpha and I see it now. The image above has it cropped off

It looks to me like the ship has 3 weapon systems. Phaser Array, Phaser Cannon, and Torpedoes. I would go Scale 3 with it, actually. It does not have much to it, really. I think the Nova would actually be bigger than it,

Possible stats (?):
Comms 8 Computers 9 Engines 9 Sensor 10 Structure 9 Weapons 10

[quote=“SSiron, post:7, topic:6032”]
. I would go Scale 3 with it, actually.[/quote]

It is a kitbash with a galaxy class nacelle, though. I don’t know if this model was scaled to keep the nacelle at the same size, but if so, it would definitely be bigger than a constitution, but still within the same scale. Also, scale factors in more than just size, but also the robustness of the ship, so those would be some things to consider.

Not really. Looking at the image, all those white lights on the hull… Those are supposed to represent room windows. I would estimate that it has maybe 12-18 decks. Yes, it might seem large, but it is a relatively small profile. The nacelle might be large, but the rest of it is not. It’s either going to be a large scale 3 ship, or a very small scale 4.

I’m just saying that I would put it at scale 3 due to the relatively small form factor. I still think the Nova would take up more overall room.

I’m going with a scale 4 because it has a crew of 380-400, a fairly large saucer section, and is about the same length as the Akira class. I’ll post my take on the stats soon. Interesting ideas here from the replies …

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Released length is 453 m
grabbing the illo and measuring (±2px) 863 long 229 tall, saucer 444 long, 80 tall. 0.525m per pixel…
453 m LOA, 120 m HOA
Saucer 233 m L, 42m T. At a screen shown 3.5 to 4m ceiling… that puts the saucer at 10.5 to 12 decks … vs 18 for the galaxy (counting on an Okudagram).

Yeah, that’s clearly size-4 - It’s probably a bit more inside than the NCC-1701…

It honestly looks more like an ambassador era than galaxy era.


A Freedom class was destroyed in battle of Wolf 359 so that puts it in the nextgen era.

Ambassador class are still around in Next Gen. Hell, Miranda and Excelsior class are still in heavy use! It definitely looks older tech than Galaxy, though.

The saucer is round, for one… all the “modern” ships have oval or teardrop or other “advanced” shapes, if I remember correctly.

Eaglemoss source says Freedom class were operational starting after 2350.
Here is my take at starting Talents for the class:

In TNG, we see multiple sub-eras, @CoolRockSkii

(ignoring future timelines)
Missing Years (which include up to about 2350, based upon uniforms)
TNG proper -
Borg War on
Dominion War on

We see small changes to issue equipment styling: TNG season 2 or 3; DS9 dominion war.
We are told the Galaxy class is not only relatively new at start, but also significantly better than older vessels.

We are told also that the Defiant is cutting edge when DS9 gets it.

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I particularly like the hand phasers of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot films and those used in the Star Trek Discovery tv series as well as TOS. Never, ever liked the TNG phasers that resemble a remote control or a dirt devil hand vacuum.


My take on the stats for the [Scale 4] base Freedom Class ( before mission profile upgrades):
Type: Explorer and Defense Escort
Comms 08
Computers 08
Engines 08
Sensors 10
Structure 07
Weapons 10

Command -
Security +2
Engineering -
Science +1
Medicine -

Phaser Arrays
Phaser Cannon
Photon Torpedoes

Secondary Reactors
Improved Power Systems
Advanced Sensor Suite

That seems generally true, except for the nacelle. I could say the same for the Niagara class, which has a Freedom-like saucer and an Ambassador-like secondary hull. Maybe the Galaxy-style nacelles are evidence of an upgrade during the late 2350s/early 2360s.

Eaglemoss’s Star Trek Shipyards book calls it a phaser cannon, but even though that’s a very pretty and often useful book, I don’t take it as gospel. I had always assumed that it was some sort of sensor mast, as you say, and I resist the urge to load up Starfleet ships with multiple weapon types. Also, the Freedom class clearly predates Wolf 359. I see no explicit evidence that Starfleet built anything primarily for combat before that point, and the Defiant and Prometheus classes are the only two that have been unambiguously described as out-and-out combat ships after that.

The Akira, Defiant, Norway, Prometheus, Saber, Steamrunner, and Sovereign were all conceived after Wolf 359, partly due to the Borg.