Specific Ship Data sheets to Class

A long time ago, I ran across a number of ship sheets that were specific to class. (Not that I have anything against the Galaxy class, BTW). Of course, I did not save or bookmark them. Anybody, PLEASE lead me back to them?

You are probably referring to this list at the STA Fandom Wiki (former Wikia). Have fun!

THANKS! You just made my GM very happy.

I kinda wish they were in a Form Fillable PDF format I am running a Game with an Excelsior class right now our Game is set in the year 2395 so The Excelsior Class got 11 Refits
here is a breakdown of the ship

USS Ranger
Multi Role Explorer
Federation Starship, Renowned, Long Serving
Power: 16
Shields: 18
Crew Support 5
Scale 5
Resistance 6

Engines 11
Computers 10
Weapons 11
Structure 11
Sensors 10
Comms 9


Command 3
Security 2
Science 2
Conn 2
Engineering 4
Medicine 2

Improved Impulse Drive, Secondary Reactors, Rugged Design, Advanced Shields, Improved Hull Integrity

Weapons: Standard Weapons as per the Space Frame

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