Roll20 Starship Sheets

Is there a standard Roll20 STA Starship character sheet that I’m not seeing: all the examples I see appear to be handouts with a bunch of preformatted text.

(Not hugely familiar with Roll20)

Hi BC, the Roll20 character sheet is basically multi-purpose.

You can change the mode by clicking on the cog at top right of the sheet (left of STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE) to open the options page. Then change the SHEET TYPE dropdown (click on the black button that says STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE) to match STARSHIP REGISTRY ENTRY and click the cog again.

Bingo bango bongo! Thanks for that!


No problem :wink:

Let me know if you have any other questions - I’ve been using Roll20 since the pandemic started…

Now I’m able to extract starships from the character generator and import them into Roll20.


I just tried it out with the VTT Enhancement Suite - worked perfectly! This will make my life a lot easier :smiley:

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