Fear 2 in action scenes example

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I’m confused by the action scenes example in the base manual (p. 131). In the example, Zelia is hit by fear 2 and the GM rolls for a result odf 2 + Effect. But immediately after, the text states that Fear 2 causes half the normal threaten damage and has no effect. I can’t find this in the rules. I’ve double checked the “Fear (x)” in the NPC’s section but the is no mention to half and no effect. Can you help me understanding? Thanks a lot!

I am not sure if I understand the right here.

In the action scene example on p. 131 (Zelia) is correctly written down how the Fear 2 quality of the monster (Child of Set) is working.

Forcing a discipline test with 2 successions needed and after both dices failed the damage of a normal Thnreaten Attack for the creature is rolled and it comes to a result of 3 Resolve that Zelia is losing.

Cannot find anything saying that Fear X causing just halt the threaten damage.

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Hi, I’m not sure if I can quote a part of the text, but more or less it says:

“Zeila rolls for discipline failing as both 15 and 20 are above the TN. The GM rolls for Child of Set threaten attack, resulting in 2 damage + Effect. Fear 2 causes half the normal Threaten damage adnd has no Effects, so Zeila gets 1 point of damage to resolve.”

I really don’t understand the bold part. Zeila has to succeed in a d2 Discipline test. She fails, so GM rolls for damage. Assuming the damage is as per default “steely glare”, rolls 2 damage dice and gets a total of 2 damage + 1 Effect. But then the text says "Fear 2 causes half the normal threaten damage. Why? Where in the rules is this stated?


Are you sure that you have a more recent version of the Conan core rules available?
In my core rules PDF this passage is stated as follows:

Zelia has Willpower 7, and no Discipline Expertise or Focus. Her TN is 7. She rolls a 15 and a 20, failing as both are above the TN, as well as providing a Complication. Because Zelia failed the test versus Fear 2, the gamemaster rolls damage for the Child of Set’s Threaten attack, getting 2 plus an Effect, worth an additional +1. Zelia has no Courage Soak, and loses 3 points of Resolve. The gamemaster decides that the Complication means that Zelia involuntarily backs up and trips, sprawling into a pile of coins and treasure.

So it is, as per the usual rules for the Fear X special ability, the normal Threaten attack damage, the full damage, not “half” or so.

Hi FrankF,
thanks for clarifying the point. It seems in fact my PDF and localized printed book is wrong and not up to date. Your version of the same text makes sense. Now I need to understand if there is an updated version of my document available.