Fear question/advice

If a character fails their Disciple test against the Fear ability they suffer damage equal to the creatures normal Threaten attack. Skeletons have Fear 1, but no Threaten attack. My plan is to just create one for them. I was curious what others thought might be a good ability. I could go with the default Steely Glare (+1 die for the Fear 1) and rename it Dead Stare. Thoughts?

Along the same line, what do other do when it comes multiple Fear causing creatures and the difficulty of the test? Scaling it in a linear fashion seems way too much. My initial thoughts were +0 (to default Fear difficulty) for 1-2 creatures, +1 for 3-4 creatures, +2 for 5-8 creatures, etc. Curious how others have done this.

Thanks for any advice.

The default Threaten attack is basically Steele Glare, so 2[CD] + Personality bonus + Fear score. Dead Stare sounds very cool and fitting for that.

The Difficulty scaling of the test feels right. It probably also depends on the situation. If you see a skeleton in front of you and another one behind you, that is possibly scarier than just seeing two skeletons in front of you. But generally, I would also go with your numbers. This is actually something I thought about yesterday since my group is going to be facing multiple lions.

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With minions one can of course use the squad rules for the threaten attack, making hordes of lesser undead pretty scary.

With multiple toughened or nemesis opponents individual test can be used, but may be a little cumbersome if there are more than a couple simultaneously acting. Perhaps increasing the number next to the FearX quality and making the damage the highest of those present may be a useful ‘quick-play’ houserule? That might even be appropriate for groups of minions too…