Favourite small stories in Fallout?

One of the things I love most about Fallout, is all the extra stories you can uncover that aren’t necessarily parts of big quests or the overall story arc. Be they sadder stories, like the Miller Family radio or the one with Annika’s locket, or more humorous ones (like the Mass Fusion employees playing an RPG over email, or the various teddy bears, gnomes, and mannequins up to no good around the Commonwealth).

I was just wondering what people’s favourite small stories or discoverable moments were, and if anyone had any plans to try and recreate some of them on the tabletop? :slight_smile:

The Miller Family was definitely a good one! Another one that really surprised me as it wasn’t a quest (well, until I got the FO3 expansion with the swamp and found a correlating quest at least) was the Dunwich building. Just walking into a random building hiding from a radscorpion and boom, a lovecraft-esque story :slight_smile:
I don’t know how I would turn those stories into playable scenarios, though, as I always thought what made them great was what you felt and thought, not what you actually did. But I’d like to be proven wrong on that one with an engaging scenario!


One of my favourites is the entries on the terminal in Libertalia, it’s not a huge story or even any kind of plot point. It’s just the story of how a bunch of ex-minutemen turned to raiding to survive. Really well thought out and humanises a lot of the raiders. Not to the point where I didn’t kill them, you understand, but it’s a nice touch! :smiley:
I also loved all the evil gnomes and teddy bears. But, who doesn’t? :joy:


Yeah I remember how creepy it was when I came across Kremvh’s Tooth in FO4, the Lovecraft-ian feel to it was brilliant!

In terms of working them into things on the tabletop, I was mostly thinking about including them in terms of terminals for players to find, or extra things to do on top of the regular scenario (a bit like the side quests you can get in settlement mode)?

Gotta agree with you on that, it was really good to see them humanised a little. Like when you’re sneaking around or in combat with them, and you’ll overhear comments that reveal bonds they have with each other, or things that they’re happy or sad about. Or sometimes things that just reveal how unhinged they can be, but it’s good to have a mix!