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I have been waiting for a core book armor update in the errata for a while now and unless the official site’s errata is out of date there has not been one. Since combat armor is the only armor that only goes up to a +3 physical and +3 energy resistance (the others getting +4 physical and +4 energy) it will always be weaker than metal armor as a choice when you start upgrading it. Since it doesn’t get +4 +4 it feels like it’s final form is missing. Power armor only goes to +3 +3, but it’s not really an issue do to the massive defense gap between normal armors and power armors.

There is a similar problem with shadowed amor. Shadowed leather is +3 +3 , Shadowed metal is +2 +2, and shadowed combat armor is +1 +1. Basic leather becomes +4 Phy +5 Eng; basic metal becomes +4 phy +3 Eng; and basic combat armor becomes +3 phy +3 Eng. A shadowed leather set will always be the strongest shadowed armor choice. Personally I think it would have been better to just make all shadowed armor +1 phy +1 Eng. This wouldn’t disrupt the natural armor progression, and it would add a layer of planning to how / if you upgrade armor (shadowed vs maximum armor level). In other words Stealth vs Combat ready defenses.

I have a clarification request because it crashed a game I had like a year ago and dropped the game. One player was a super mutant with pain train. They knocked an enemy over. The enemy got up from prone, I the gm thought it used a minor action as the minor action move says get up from prone. They argued that the prome condition states that move actions are now major actions. Is standing up from prone always a minor action and other movement while prone is a major, OR is standing from prone a major action since they are prone and move actions are a major action while prone?

Syringer Tranquilizer Ammo

Seems like it would be the most common type, but I can’t find it in the book at all. Anybody know where to find this?

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If you use Wanderer’s Guide, Glass Bottle is a form of Junk so you can just say that if they want to sell Dirty Water they are limited to the Glass Bottles they have with them. Therefore the water is worth 3 caps and the bottle 2. Once sold they can’t go fill more bottles since the bottle they used is already sold with the water.

That said I don’t exactly agree with the price of Glass Bottles being 2 caps in the first place; they should be 4. You might say that’s too much for a Common Junk item but consider this; a Glass Bottle (on average) is broken down to two Glass Components. Together they are worth 4 caps, so why would anyone sell a bottle for 2 when it’s worth more broken. If anything it should be worth more unbroken since a bottle can hold water; a necessity for survival.

Either make Glass a true Common material (worth only 1 cap) or increase the value of an unbroken bottle to 4 caps. I would say the bottle being worth 4 is better since, as a component to gather Dirty Water, it’s now worth 4/5 of the caps; the water itself only being worth 1 cap.

Seems a fair price to pay someone for bringing water to a merchant who will then turn three of them (15 caps) into Purified Water (20 caps). Not to mention the purified water only takes up one bottle, leaving the other two (whatever their price, 4 or 8 caps) in the hand of the merchant.

In The Settler’s guidebook, a People Score is mentioned frequently, but nothing explains what a settlement’s people score is. This is especially confusing, as a settlement is described as having 10+ people, but Diamond city’s people score and how to calculate it, never mind build it, is not explained. Please help!

weird, I’m pretty sure getting up is minor. If you were to try crawling to another zone, taht would be major

Has anyone clarified Guass rifle’s skill? In the energy weapon skill description it says it uses the energy weapons skill, but its listed in the equipment section as a small gun. I hadn’t caught that it was mentioned in the energy weapons skill description but this seems odd to me. I think it should be small guns as it fires a projectile, not energy (though it uses energy to propel it). I had been using it as small guns up to this point, but clarification would be great. I ahve noticed the gatiling alser, despite firing literal lasers, is under big guns, so I figured it also makes sense that guass rifle is one of those exceptions and uses small guns.

its all good, I found it in the errata,they said to remove it from energy weapons. Interestingly enough, this wasn’t actually done as of the April 2023 digital printing, despite the errata log from back in febuary saying to remove it. Whenever you do your next digital release, can you please actually remove the text?

I noticed that in the core rulebook Supermutants are apparently vulnerable to both contracting and being affected by disease despite their poison immunity and infamous immunity to disease narratively and in every other medium; was this intentional as a case of game balance/mechanics over narrative consistency or was it overlooked?

Re: Wanderer’s Guidebook: I’ve only got as far as the top of page 5 of the hard-copy and found two errors in the right-hand column, 1st para…" A classic level-action rifle" should obviously be lever-action, and the next line below “anti-material rifle” should be anti-materiel…not a good start; doesn’t bode well for the rest of the book!..I notice Dylan Ramsey is credited at the start of the book for proofreading. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I suspect he is unfamiliar with firearm terms.