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Can I ask a further question?

How do I distinguish between effects that apply to all locations and effects that apply only to the equipped location?

Do All System MODs affect to all location?
I think that Plating MODs apparently affect only to the equipped location.
How about the normal Armor MODs, like Asbestos Lining? (Core rulebook p.136)

Plating/material mods affect only the location where they’re installed. For localized mods, when you have mention of ‘all ressitances’, i’d apply it to all locations (ie : padded would give +2 vs blasts weapons to all locations). In tthe specific case of the asbestos lining, i would count the +3 energy DR only on the torsio but apply the ‘ignore perisistent energy damage’ effect to all locations.

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Hello, again!
We had several sessions and enjoyed them very much!
Please forgive me for asking another rudimentary question.
How “Persistent” damage effect works?
When you say “target suffers the weapon’s damage again” do you mean the result number of the Combat dice rolled just before? Or does it mean that at the end of the opponent’s turn, the same number of Combat Dice are rolled (like Torso injury)? If so, how does the Damage Effect of the weapon or the opponent’s DR count?
(Core Rulebook p.89)

Sorry, additional small question.
TRADER equipment’s “Roll 3 times each on the Random Ammunition table (p.200), Random Chem table (p.204), and Random Oddities and Valuables table” means total 3 rolls (1,1,1) or 9 rolls (3.3.3)?
(Core Rulebook p.80)

Both the Settlers and Wanderers Sourcebooks feature the Lock and Load Perk, but with different Level requirements, numbers of ranks and descriptions. The Wanderers Sourcebook is obviously more up to date but the Perk description there looks incomplete. Which should I be using?

I’m always a ‘when in doubt, go with most recent release’. But for the description if you stuck with the settler one and used the requirements/ranks from the new one would it be a huge difference?

Will Explosives always hit?
All explosives have the Blast quality. From what i understood, it means that this will happen when using a explosive:
Instead of making a skill test using PER + Explosives or AGI + Throwing with the difficulty equal to the target’s Defense (usually 1), you’ll still make a skill test using those, however, the difficulty will always 2 + weapon ideal range difficulty.
However, this is where it really gets confusing to me. The Blast quality is written that “If you succeed, every creature (and other damageable target) in that zone suffers the weapon’s damage. If you fail, your misplaced attack is less effective: roll only half the weapon’s CD to determine the damage inflicted to creatures in the target zone and ignore the weapon’s normal damage effects.
So does it mean that the explosive will always deal some damage and if you fail the test it will only reduce the damage? Of course in this situation I’m ignoring the Damage Resistance. I appreciate any help!

excuse me if this question was asked before -i wasnt able to find it. If survivor character has a gifted perk -does it allow to raise a statistic above 10 to 11 or not?

Cold weather is defined as below 5C, but extreme cold is 18C (should be -18).
Page 192.

18C is extreme cold in Texas.

“Settler’s Handbook” p38 (print and PDF) says “Two settlement actions that can be performed regardless of a settlement’s structures and other objects:” Then it lists 4 actions:

  • Hunting and Gathering
  • Scavenging
  • Guard
  • Build

Is it safe to assume that a settler can be assigned any one of those 4 actions, regardless of a settlement’s structures and other objects?