FAQ and Errata Thread

The errata just released is a good start but I can see very much that not everything has been addressed:

I don’t really want to go through that list again and see what was gotten and what wasn’t but this is indeed a reminder

I can tell from the errata list for the crb that some of it was indeed ticked, but not everything

The bookmarks for example are in a different and still incorrect state for example

The Gamemaster’s Toolkit doesn’t have a change document even though it’s be useful

The change doc being turned into a “change by change” point list would be nice too, not general like “fixed various issues” as the first point entails.

I have received the email with the link to download the updated docs, and errata, but when it comes to the Gamemaster’s Toolkit, I don’t see any change on the files (they are marked to be from March-April of 2021, same as I already had) nor any errata for it. Did I miss something?

Nope. Same here. No update for the GM Toolkit that I could tell.

What would be a good mechanic for NPC’s installing mods? If your players don’t have the crafting skills necessary, should there be a price charged for mod installation? Does the amount listed in the book cover the installation cost?

I would base cost of installing mod on three factors
Cost of mod
Perks required

Cost of mod reflects how complex the mod is and how hard it is to install.
Replacing the stock on a rifle is fairly simple and cheap. Installing, bore sighting and calibrating a recon scope is more involved.
Divide base cost by four.

Difficulty will be 1 plus the number of mods already installed
(this is based off the repair rules)

Perks required is the sum of perks required to install the mod. This takes into account the rarity of people skilled enough to do the work. (minimum of 1)

Cost = (mod cost / 4) x Difficulty x Perks

add full Stock to combat shotgun
base 10, difficulty 1, perks n/a = 1
cost = 10/4 x1 x1 = 3 caps

add a recon scope to a ported powerful marksmans hunting rifle.
base 59/4, difficulty 4, perks science 3
cost = 59/4 x 4 x 3 = 177 caps

add electrified blade to a sword
Base 50, difficulty 1, perks blacksmith 2 science 1 =3
cost = (50/4) x 1 x 3 = 38 caps

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So in the book under Mirelurk Hunter it states: "Hunters appear to be descended from lobsters rather than crabs, giving them an elongated appearance with a flared tail. Like their crab-like cousins, they also have powerful pincers and are even more aggressive. Their shells are typically more resilient, and they have developed the ability to spit an acidic substance at their prey. "

Then no stats are listed for said acid attack. I don’t want to go with the queen acid attack stats because those would be way too much for just a hunter. Any thoughts/suggestions on this?

Mirelurk Queen acid attack is the following:

ACID SPRAY: Body + Melee (TN 17),
10 DC , Piercing Radioactive damage

at a guesstimate, ajust the damage in proprtion to their physial attack damage - about 75% of the queen’s damage, which rounds down to 7

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Broadly, when you level a creature up or down, adjust the damage of its attacks by 1 die every two levels. Mirelurk Hunter is Level 12, Mirelurk Queen is Level 19, so an Acid Spray on a Hunter would deal 7 dice of damage, rather than 10.


Where does one find the new Errata? I can’t find it on their site.

wondering,his there news for starter set,or maybe the campaign mission in pdf and later the kit?

Latest news on the Starter set is that it will be release, but release date has not been set.

Errata question: The Intense Training Perk RAW states that no SPECIAL can be increased above 10 using that Perk. HOWEVER, Super Mutants are allowed a maximum STR and END of 12. Can Intense Training be used by a Super Mutant to increase one of those SPECIAL to 12?

As the GM I ruled yes, mostly curious if an official ruling is there or how other GMs ruled.

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone had any insight about the interaction between the Better Criticals perk and the Big trait found on enemies like the Deathclaw and Mirelurk Queen.

Specifically, does a creature with this trait have any kind of negation to the perk? The key phrase/word in Big being “…it ONLY suffers a critical hit if takes 7+ damage in a single hit, rather than the normal 5+.”

Personally, i’m inclined to rule in favor of Better Criticals surpassing this, as its purpose is to remove the damage requirement in the first place, but i’d love to know of any thoughts or rulings.

judging from the ‘rather than the normal 5+’ part of the phrase, i’d consider better crtiicals works normally - though I might consider upping the damage threshold from 1 to 3 points of damage.

My sibling wants to make a Mr Handy character and we went through the steps and wrote down all the stuff he has (equipment packs, skill items, etc) we looked at the equipment packs and she chose the Mr Handy equipment pack. The items include an ‘integral boiler mod’ and can’t find any info about it in the book. Where can I find it and does it need to be on the character sheet? And also where can I find info on First Aid Kits? I’ve looked everywhere in the book and can’t find anything on these items, I might have skimmed through and probably missed it but I just want to make sure I’m not going insane.

Integral Boiler Mod - Page 185
First Aid Kit - Page 181

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Does it state somewhere how radiation and physical damage from the same attack works? I am wondering because I know a lot of starting characters will have physical resist 1 on some locations. If a rad roach which does 1 radioactive physical damage hits a physical DR1 armor spot and rolls an effect on the die, does the player take the radiation damage? If the bite is what is radioactive, and the bite never pierces the skin thanks to armor, logic would say no, but is this stated anywhere in the rules? Or does the radiation damage check seperately and if the location ahs no radiation DR they take the rad damage?

Page 89. Radioactive: For every Effect rolled, the target also suffers 1 point of Radiation damage. This Radiation damage is totaled and applied separately, after a character has suffered the normal damage from the attack.

Page 31: In all cases, where a character would suffer radiation damage and another type of damage at the same time, resolve the radiation damage AFTER any other types of damage

The Radroach has a Physical Radioactive Damage. So if the CD result is 1 or 2 the damage is physical and physical DR applies. On a 5 or 6 (Effects, page 29) the Radiation Damage effect applies, 1 physical damage is applied to the hit location then the radiation damage is applied. What makes a swarm of radroachs nasty for low level parties is that on a 5 or 6 the rad roach will ignore the PCs armor and lower their Max HPs on future fights making them much nastier than in the computer game.

In my play test with my group a party of 4 walked into a group of 8 radroaches at close range. I elected to give the Rad roaches a suprise round. What happened wasn’t pretty. The PC’s won, but they were annoyed with me. The arguement about the attack not making it thru the armor came up. If you go thru the monsters in back of book and read them from that context none of them are a challenge, their physical damage is too low for the poison / radiation / whatever attack to ever apply. Apply the rules as written and you should see the intended effect.

If you think this is scary research persistant effects.

Hey, just starting playing Fallout 2d20 with some friends on FGU and I have a question about buying ammunition, when it says the cost is 5 caps (for plasma cartridges) and the amount is 10+5… does that mean:

  1. That for 5 caps I can purchase 10+5 plasma rounds? Or…
  2. There are 10+5 plasma rounds available for purchase and I can purchase them for 5 caps EACH?

And while I am asking, the cost of an item is the “buying” price and not the selling price, right? I read that stuff SELLS for 1/4 the buying price but in Fantasy Grounds (using the Fallout plugin) stuff is selling for 1/2 the listed COST for the item…

I’m confused.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

The costs are per round and represent what the PCs pay for things.