Fallout New Vegas - painted my first minis

Hey everyone,

here are the first 2 shots from my Legion and NCR models…

Hope you guys like them…


Here are two more shots


Here are two more pics from my recently painted minis :slight_smile: - any comments?


Really nice job :wink: just one question, what did you do to get them this early :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful work Olli! But I do wonder how did you get them? My order hasn’t even shipped yet.

Olli gets the odd care package from me for helping with a lot of admin and behind the scenes stuff for Fallout. This time it seems he struck gold :wink:


Hahaha… nicely put, mate :smiley:

So when will these ship to the rest of us? These pictures have made me really anxious to get started painting mine now.

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Street date is the 14th May so not long to wait now.

I’m not in charge of shipping, so can’t advise when pre-orders will ship, but I’d hope as close to that date as possible.

So while the others are starting their New Vegas wave I have spent my free time building my own custom “The Kings” warband - including:

  • The King,
  • the kings and
  • the king’s groupies


Get that girl some clothes :flushed:

So Groupies wear clothes :wink:

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They look fantastic!

What were the donor minis for the kings?

Looks to me like the raiders pack.

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Yeah - the scavvers are the basis. We did a big research on the net for Elvis heads to 3D print. Found some, bought some more so that I could build different kings.

The biggest work was to freehand the crowns on the leather jackets :smiley:

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I can see it now. I think I missed it because the raiders are a faction I haven’t paid too much attention to yet (all in good time :laughing:)

Really nice work.

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Passive encouragement buff. ;D

Thats awesome. Love the verdigris on the copper armour :D.