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Errata for career statsblocks

Maybe everyone needs to cool down a bit, and remember that this is supposed to be about a fun game. Yes Modiphius might have made an error in not proof reading all material before launch. But hindsight is almost always 20/20. As I understand it, Modiphius is still a small company, and involved in a lot of different IP’s. Some take up a lot more work hours than others, and time to correct past mistakes might simply not be something the company can afford to spend time and effort on at this moment. Myself am a Mutant Chronicles player and GM mostly, lot’s and LOTS of errors and inconsistency in the core rules and source books. I think this is a part of the whole Kickstarter way of publishing. When goals are unlocked and they need to publish not only core rules, but also 5+ source books in one big shipment, there is bound to be errors.

In the future, I hope that Modiphius learns from their past mistakes, and take proper time to release books and possible erratas.


Respect is not earned, it’s given to everyone and can be lost.
Something tell me that you would not have the same attitude if we were face to face. Keep thinking you’re tough behind your screen.


People, let’s be civilised here.
First of: you do not have to earn respect. You have to give it (to everybody whoever they may be) or you can lose it.
Secondly: Try to go with the idea of a community fix to help Modiphius out here.
I know CB handles the RPG like a stepchild, but that is not Modiphius’ fault.
May we start with sorting out the errors you found and get to being productive.


Well said!

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Aye, well said.

I think there are two different issues here:

  1. My original comment is simply about the fact that Modiphius published fixes and errata years ago, but they inexplicably chose to do so on Google+ of all things … and now they can’t seem to be bothered to publish that stuff on their own site. That’s a bad faith effort to take care of customers, plain and simple, and it should be called out. So I did.

  2. They are apparently behind schedule on books, which I didn’t realize.

I think it’s important not to conflate those things as they do not represent the same sort of failing.

The former is a blatant disregard for the basic tenets of good customer service. I.e., you know your core game book has embarrassing bush-league errors, you’ve gone so far as to print corrections for those errors on a social media site that is now deleted from the internet, and yet you failed to take the one tiny extra step that would have been required to make that information available to all your customers for all time: publishing a PDF on your website. I say this without malice, but say it nonetheless: ■■■■ That. That is unacceptable and it should be called out constantly until they do right by the paying customers that have been waiting for 2.5 years for a proper errata … nobody is asking for a printed book, just publish a ■■■■■■ PDF ffs.

The latter is a far more understandable problem, from my perspective. For all the reasons outlined above with regards to licensed materials and Corvus Belli being a potential bottleneck, and because this is a small team that works on quite a few (more popular and lucrative) titles. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions about your product line for the good of the company. I get that; I help brands do that every day. I have nothing but sympathy for Modiphius in that sense.


What you call respect is what I call courtesy. That’s given. Everyone deserves courtesy, general politeness, and consideration. Respect is different from that to me. It has to be earned.

I saw your reaction like that of a child. You took offense. Okay. Yes, I’d still say all this to your face. Screen or no screen.

Back to the topic at hand.

I didn’t know Mod had an errata and corrections published… on Google+ of all places. I’ll wager that they still have them and if they do… yeah, get them out in a pdf and have it for free on DriveThru and added to everyone’s Infinity collection. There might also be the offhand chance it might be gone. It was 2.5 years ago and with how things have shuffled with the Infinity team that’s a possibility. With the small size of the company and with most of the attention going to bigger IPs it might be SOL situation for getting a new one.

If the community wants to go with their own fixes then great. It’s not their job after all but if Mod isn’t going to do it… well someone else can step up to the plate and get the ball rolling. That might kick them into gear for something official.

Doing something instead of email bombing, emailing to CB (who probably don’t really care), or continuing to grovel here is much more productive. Get the ball rolling and see if Mod responds. If not at least the community has a fix.

I’ve done my own fix on paper more than a year ago, doesn’t change the fact I’d like it fixed in the pdf. And what you call email bombing I call pushing people to react, since nothing has been done in years.


@Modiphius-Nathan Posted a simple conversion guide once:

  • Reduce static weapon damage by 1, then convert the remaining static weapon damage to dice.
  • Reduce the weapon’s Vicious quality, if any by 1, removing the Vicious quality if the rating is reduced to 0.

are those errata in the newer PDFs? seems to me that would save a lot of headaches…It doesnt help those who have early print books.

I don’t think the Corebook PDF has been updated since it came out.

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Hi, new GM here. Did this errata issue ever get resolved?

I have recently invested heavily in the system and am generally impressed with 2d20 as a core mechanic. However having just created a couple of characters I was struck with an iconsistency in the career attributes. A quick search and here I am, with a slightly uneasy feeling in my gut. Further searches seem to indictate an emerging pattern. Conan seems to be in a similar spot, errata is needed but it isn’t centrally managed by Modiphius or even available. Are Modiphius a company genuinely invested in their player base or are they more interested in ringing cash out of their albeit impressive IP range?

I am interested in some of the emerging settings, A!C and Dune both look great. However I don’t want to touch a new system with a ten foot pole if the company is not interested in providing enduring support for its products. Current evidence seems to point to a major issue with Modiphius here, particularly in comparison with Free League Publishing.

If anyone has the errata associated with Infinty and posted on the now defunct Google+ I would really appreciate a copy.


I don’t believe that it’s been resolved at any point, and I for one still haven’t seen a copy of the famed ‘Google+’ errata, although I would certainly like to!

For Conan there was an official collection thread for errata started on this forum: