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Era Sourcebooks


I was recently given the JCoM core book as a gift; judging by the scarcity of recent posts here, I guess I’m a year or so late to the show.

My gift also included an Amazon gift card, so I can expand my collection a bit beyond the core rules. Looking at Amazon, though, I noticed the 3 Era sourcebooks don’t seem to be available there.

So my question is, what’s in them? How useful are they compared to the Narrator’s Kit, for example? Do they have much in the way of crunchy bits, or are they more expansions on the setting? Some of both?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Both. All of them describe the era and the important characters of that era. All of them contain new talents, adventure seeds and new rules. Dotar Sojat Era contains rules for airship construction and combat Prince of Helium Era for supporting characters and duels and Jeddak of Jeddaks Era for inventions and new races.