Equipped vs Equipment

Looking through the Wave 8 unit cards, I’ve noticed that some of them say “Equipment” instead of “Equipped”. I wanted to check and confirm: do these mean the same things? I know that “Equipped” items are included in the Unit’s caps cost, so I assume that Equipment works the same way.

See Aspirant Goddard vs Sarah Lyons:

Also, where in the rules does it say that Equipped items are included in the caps cost? I was looking through the rules and can’t for the life of me find the actual line that defines that…


Weekend response!

Equipment seems like slip on our end. That should be Equipped - they are the same rule so they work the same.

I couldn’t find it in the rulebook or FAQ either. Hmmm. Might be another FAQ inclusion.

It is worth keeping in mind that F:WW was originally designed to be a system that didn’t use points. You just brought whatever felt correct for your story, so because of that the rulebook wouldn’t include advice on Caps costs.

Regardless of if Caps are used in your games or not, Equipped/Equipment is always included with the model when you buy them.


I thought equipment was just an updated term for equipped as it was easier to understand. Turns out it’s a typo.

Ah-hah, I found it! In the Battle Mode force lists, the MODEL COSTS column has an asterisk * which says that the costs INCLUDES ANY MANDATORY ITEMS, which happen to match the Equipped items on the Unit card. Since the caps costs are usually synced between battle and general modes, I think it’s been generally assumed that the general mode costs included mandatory items as well. So it might be nice to have an official FAQ/ruling on that going forward.

It is worth keeping in mind that the base method of playing F:WW is without pointing any models, items and the like. That’s why Caps costs are not included in the Rules of Play booklet.

That’s fair, but Caps costs are mentioned in the Campaign Handbook under the section about setting up a force for a scenario, which feels like a fairly core part of the FWW experience. For some equipment, especially Power Armor, it can make a big difference in the force composition if the cost of that equipment is “baked in” to the model’s caps cost or not. That’s why I feel like a clarification for how those should be handled outside of Battle Mode would be helpful.

This is the first I’ve heard of this and it’s not something I think Modiphius has ever really stated. Hearing this is the case doesn’t really surprise me based off of – well just how disjointed the game feels when first learning via the starter box.

It’s not really a problem, most RPGs run this way, but it’s interesting to be this is how the game was originally intended and the core rule book never really communicates that.