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Ender maker 3 problems

Anyone else have issues with their fillament breaking when going through the spooler?

I don’t have issues with the filament breaking on my Ender 3. I upgraded my extruder to an aluminum one and also printed an arm attachment (from Thingiverse) to give the filament a better angle coming from the spool. Have you done any of these?

I have not. Atm, can’t even print.

Going to disassemble and see if something is messed up there

Is this the first time using the printer?

That kind of problem happens too with a wet filament, is it possible at your home? Try to dry it at very low heat in the oven (40-50ºC) or in a filament dryer 6h at 30-40ºC, in the case of PLA filament, and store the spool in a zip bag with silica gel dessicant or with a sous-vide machine when you are not using it, some materials are REALLY hygroscopic.
The filament dryer usually has a system to feed the printer, protecting the filament from dust or weather

It is not. It looks like some filament hardened in the guide. So when the filanent hit it, it snaps.

Buy a genuine Capricorn PFTE tube and you will feel the difference with that.
Anyway, in that case, it could be a problem with humidity too (it becomes hard and dry with humidity, yes) because the filament is old or bad quality, when it gets some humidity, it snaps easier, and it would be hard too when you try to pass through the PFTE tube, or maybe you have a clog in the heat block/nozzle.
Just buy a capricorn tube and use a good filament, and you will be fine… if not, you could check idler tension, temperatures, and flow rate

Don’t know if you’re on the facebook community page but here is a link if anyone wants it

They also do talk of 3d printing on the discord servers if you want a link

Awesome thanks