Enclave West Coast, US and Chinese Military

Hi everyone,

Any possibility we will be able to get Enclave troops in their Fallout 2 gear?

I have read somewhere that the US Military APC is coming, would we get a chance to have Pre-War US and Chinese forces as well?

Thank you for reading my post. =)

I know there are a number of different Enclave sets planned, although not sure if any of them are based on Fallout 2 (only played 4 and half of NV myself). I haven’t heard anything about the APC, though they’ve mentioned that they’re planning on doing full size Virtibirds if that’s anything? In terms of ground troops I’m not sure either, although I’m certainly tempted to file off the BOS logo from a few T-60 suits and paint them in pre-war colours :slight_smile:

We’re getting Frank Horrigan, he’s Enclave from FO2 so seems so. They will look different however, they are keeping the PA in the FO4 style bulk compared to the slimmer previous games.

“Yes lots - here’s one big set and you can buy the individual pieces separately https://www.modiphius.net/collections/fallout-wasteland-warfare/products/fallout-wasteland-warfare-terrain-vault-111-surface-pack - there’s lots more coming including other vehicles, the APC, Vertibird, military barriers, scatter scenery and much more” - Chris Birch

Hopefully the APC will be seen soon.

As Bishop said, with Frank Horrigan confirmed, there is no doubt we’ll get the west coast enclave. As for pre-war US and China, we will have future released based on DLC. So far we only have Far Harbour confirmed, but theres every chance we might get Operataion Anchorage, or even just some standard soldiers in future releases.