Dune: Desert Flower

The latest pdf adventure is out for Dune.

Desert Flower sees the players on Arrakis organising an important exhibition. Of course, with Imperial Prima Donnas, Criminals and the ever-present Fremen things don’t go as smoothly as they should…

The key element for me is that Act 1 covers running the Exhibition/party. Given I have such a soiree coming up in my campaign this is perfect timing for me personally.

You’ll be glad to know one of my main plans with this one was to offer detail on running and hosting parties :slight_smile:

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I could have used that in my recently-concluded campaign.

My PCs threw a huge gala to try and mend relations with a rival house (and draw out their hidden enemies, who very generously sent three
Bene Gesserit-trained assassins to the event)

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