Draugr Overlord

Does the Shield on the Adversary card mean the same as other cards? It has a different formato, without any symbol or rating, just Shield and the dice. In other cards, they have Shield (and symbol): Rating [Color]

I think it’s just a minor change in the layout/format between different production phases of the cards; the only thing really missing is the shield symbol but it’s obvious what it’s referring to (as it’s still under the ‘Shield’ header) and I can’t see any reason why it would work any differently.

(Just as an addendum, you’ll notice that the adversary cards from the core box are indeed formatted like this; the Imperial Soldiers also don’t have the shield symbol or ‘Rating: X’ but the intent is the same).

Yeah. Its just an updated format. The Overlord in the core set is also one of the misprinted cards, so his shield skill is on Endurance rather than Strength, where it should be. You can get the updated cards in the Chapter 1 card pack or here:

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