Dooes Resist Battle Cry grant Intimidate?

I noticed that the archetype cards will have some icons, such as Computers and Search, but that those skills are not listed in the archetype description. I assumed that the characters have those skills. As the Intimidate skill has the same icon as Resist Battle Cry, I figured that Resist Battle Cry grants the Intimidate skill.

The I noticed that the two Super Mutant archetypes do have Intimidate listed in their skill descriptions. Now I don’t know if those two archetypes are exceptions or if anarchetype must have Intimidate listed in the description for the character to have that skill.

Does anybody know the answer?


The FAQ says the following:

If a character’s archetype shows one of the Expertise
Skills with an icon, i.e. Computers, does the character fill
in the first black dice space for that skill on their
character mat?
A. Yes. A character with the relevant Expertise icon is treated as
if they gained that skill for the first time, so they gain the first
black dice and, as a result, do not suffer the -4 unskilled penalty.

So I would take that to mean yes as Intimidate is an expertise icon. I would ask this in the rules forum for FWW if you’re still unsure.