Do the auras work in CC + Lanius ability question

Hello, we are discussing the auras abilities - the question is, when model is in CC, do the aura he is providing, still work (we have a 50/50 as the auras are based on presence :wink: )

The second question is about Lanius and his ability :
what does exactly mean “to not use or benefit from aura abilities” - does it mean, that the model selected by Lanius owner (following the requirements of course), can’t use his own aura and at the same time benefit from other friendly models auras?

Hey @boyleer

As per the errata, Auras require Line of Sight to any models being effected by it. Line of Sight just needs a clear line between the base of one model to another (p17 of the main rulebook) - in this case, the model with the aura to the model they would like to effect.

Regarding your second question, ‘Dominant’ works just as you understand it. Lanius would prevent the target from uses their own auras and benefiting from the auras of other models.