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Dirty Water rules

Inspired by the videogame, I am trying to add the concept of Dirty Water:

  • I want to build a lake terrain, full of Dirty Water
  • Dirty Water works like “Radiactive Terrain” (see reference cards) but only when the model is inside the water (not yellow range).
  • Drinking Dirty Water requires to be in contact wit the lake and use an interact Action

For the effect of drinking Dirty Water, I am managing two options:

  • Option 1: Drinking Dirty Water has this effect: Remove 2 damages and then add 1 radiactive damage
  • Option 2: Throw a luck token:
    • Luck face: remove 2 damages.
    • No lucky face: Apply the same that option 1.

What do you think?

@Modiphius-James, are you planning to add something simillar?


I like this idea! For drinking it I’d probably go for option one personally


Definitely the first option. You should be able to drink without standing in the lake though. Just being on shore is close enough to grab a drink, while not also subjecting yourself to the rad effects of being in the water.


Nice idea. I have Dirty Water in my lists of things created for Food and Drink, but still to be used. There are quite a few other Food and Drink items that have a similar magnitude of effect so I chose to leave Dirty Water out so far in favour of other items. Option 1 is what I currently have as its effect.

I like the idea of being in contact with a water supply to gain it, rather than only be an Item to pick-up/equip. Could be good to add water fountains (or toilets) in a game. You might want to limit it to once per activation (and maybe any further uses require an action), so models are limited.


Thanks for the feedback. I like the once per activation constraint.

Now I want to build a fountain instead of a lake :rofl: