Detailed ground combat

My folks do not like “theater of the mind”, we prefer a more tactical rules set. I was very excited by the tactical game in the Command book, but was disappointed to find it did not relate to the RPG. I would prefer something that more closely followed combat. Yes, I know it is not a combat game, but I would still prefer a more detailed combat system. Am I alone in this?

What specifically are you missing in the rules? You can of course play with miniatures and tiles or a battle map.

Surely you adapt the red alert rules if you want a “tactical” experience in your RPG. There are enough carry overs between the RA and RPG systems you should be able to organize a combat mini game where you throw out the predetermined force organizations and run with what you imagined or intended for the fighting encounter. I play a fair number of tabletop skirmish games outside of RPGs and found the rules more derivative of the RPG than a proper wargame.

As horridperson stated, adapt the Red Alert rules, which exxpands upon the conflict rules of the core rulebook for character scale combat. That said, overall, I enjoy the less tactical nature of the conflict rules. Been gaming since I was 8 (1981). I find that these days I am not a fan of the seeming rule for everything, but I am biased as I am a more story trumps detail sort of GM and player, frequently ignoring mechanics in favor of an entertaining story of moment.