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Skirmishing on Barsoom (2d20 vs Fallout)

Has anyone by chance played using the miniatures and skirmish rules in Phantoms of Mars? Are there any videos of 2d20 skirmishing available online?

I’ve introduced my gaming group to Fallout Wasteland Warfare over the past few months, but I think they’d prefer a more lighthearted and romantic environment. I’d like to transition them to JCOM, and gradually add a narrative RPG component to our games, but I’m debating whether I should simply use the Fallout rules and dice with JCOM or try to introduce them to 2d20. With the Fallout RPG expansion I have a little more to work with. I absolutely love the new rulebook and how quickly skill tests are resolved.

If anyone has any thoughts on the JCOM skirmishing system, I’d love to hear them.