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Day lenght in Luna City

I’ve really never grasped how the sky looks like in Luna City, neither in MC3 or in previous editions.

The real Moon:

  • take a revolution around Earth every 27 days;

  • rotate against its axe in the same time and that’s why we always see the same Side. So, in a given place on the Moon, roughly for 14 Earth-days there is light and it’s “day”, then for 14 Earth-days is night. The sky is always black and, like on Earth, during daylight you can’t see no star.

In MC, the Moon has been terraformed, there’s an athmospere and the air is breathable. But what does it mean?

  • How long is the day in Luna City? 12 hours (well, so to speak) or 14 Earth-day?

  • How time is measured? It seems in Earth hours.

The sky is black just at night, I think…

I’ve always imagined that the skies over Luna City are overcast and filled with thick grey clouds most of the time, and that it rains a lot of the time, because it’s a city made for stories out of a noir film. Fog and smog are also fairly commonplace. When the clouds do break, the atmosphere refracts and filters sunlight light enough that the sky appears blue if there’s direct sunlight (the city is on the light side and not blocked by the Earth).

I also imagine that “day” and “night” are largely formalities for most people on Luna, because the city never really sleeps - huge numbers of people in the city are shift workers, there’s abundant “night life”, and even the big business never really stop because they’re in regular communication with other offices on Mars, Venus, and Mercury. The old Earth calendar and timekeeping methods stick around out of tradition and habit more than anything else.


I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from this guys vision.

His Pre-Fall information Pack has some very cool ideas. I’ve taken on the 14 Phases light / 14 Phases darkness. We kept playing right after the Fall of von Hölle, around the third phase into the night. With almost every technology out, the city is dark as never before and growing colder with every phase. It’s pretty cool to mindfuck the players, because they have no real means to measure time… maybe the sun will never rise again? XD


Thank you Nathan, now is a lot more clear.

Wow, Alpharius, wonderful resource, thank you very much.