[Looking For Players] The Flame that Burns Twice as Bright

Hello! I’m looking to start a scenario made up of new people since I’m not having any luck with the few people I know, and I’ve been really wanting to do something for a long time now.

Scenario Synopsis: It’s only been a year since Nathaniel Durand sacrificed himself to destroy one of Algeroth’s bodies and the Dark legion War is still being fought, the Brotherhood is spread thin and the Cartel and Luna P.D. are as well, ensuring that Luna is safe from the machinations of Heretics. On the western coast of the Lake of Testimonies lies Jamestown, one of the first colonies built after Luna City started expanding. founded by small-scale utopia believer and entrepreneur, David Jameson, Jamestown has never had a population of more than a couple hundred people, but since a few years ago has taken in refugees of the war, inflating the population to over two thousand and expanding quickly to make up for it. Due to the war, the rate of expansion was overlooked, but a couple of weeks ago it was noticed that there have been workers building a railroad system that will connect with the disused Hansteen Train Line and it’s already nearly finished. Luna P.D. are cautious of the sudden and efficient expansions and have sent in a team to investigate a week ago, but their last report was three days ago and are considered M.I.A. now. The group have been hired and/or assigned by Luna P.D. to infiltrate Jamestown as refugees and discover just what’s going on.

Theme Synopsis: What starts off as an investigation will devolve into a fight with heavily unfavorable odds that will possibly force the characters to make sacrifices for their own futures and lives for the preservation of mankind’s. The flame that burns twice as bright only lasts half as long. How bright are you willing to burn as you rage against the dying of the light?

Expected Run Time: Around 8 Sessions, expected to run for 2 to 4 hours, depending on start time.

Platforms: Discord for voice chat, Roll20 for possible map needs and dice rolling.

Possible Play Times: My time zone is Pacific, I will only be able to run effectively during the evening of Thursday, but any time on Fridays and Saturdays.

Session Zero: I do make use of Session Zeros to try and establish what the players will be comfortable or uncomfortable with, as well as to create characters, explain mechanics and any house rules, and if given the time, to go through in-play practice, to learn how I GM and have practical understanding of mechanics.

House Rules: I should say that I do use a few house rules that are guaranteed. They are simplifying Skills (Advanced Skills are no longer a concept, some skills have been folded into others, but keeping their Talent trees as a sort of Advanced Talents to invest into if you really like using big guns and hitting things with fists), Phys+Str are combined to make Brawn and with points that would be lost being redistributed to lower Attributes to broaden competency (if a career gave you 2 in Str and Phys, but 0 in Int and Per, one of the 2s would go into the new Attribute Brawn and the other 2 would be reinvested and split between the 0 Int and Per), multiple Reactions (with scaling DSP cost), and sacrificing Armor Soak to avoid massive damage or instant death.

Level of Play: The character’s are expected to be competent and varied between each other, but extensive supernatural abilities during character creation and purchasable during play are off the table, so no Art users or Mutant Powers with the intent of improving those aspects, but a repentant Heretic is fine, since they are pretty much unable to purchase further powers and gaining more powers would be a part of the theme of sacrifice against overwhelming odds. While I do allow for multiple entries of Iconic Careers, I will only allow a max limit of two for this scenario.

Referential Material: Survival horror games such as the Silent Hill and Resident Evil franchises, and CoC: Dark Corners of the Earth; Dusk; Outlast 2; Far Cry 5; Children of the Corn; The Shadow over Innsmouth


I’ll give this some serious thought

I won’t be able to join, but I’d be happy to use your scenario if you share it after your campaing is done!

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I currently have a Roll20 page for my campaign up and if I don’t have 3 players by next week, I will be putting the Roll20 page in the listings and send out posts onto general LFG forums and Reddit for recruiting at least 3 players. I am planning on trying to encourage players with a carrot by giving them a Chronicle Point for writing down a readable narrative from the sessions that occured, and if that fails I’ll write down the sessions myself. I will be putting these chronicles on the forums here.


After waiting for so long, I now have a total of 4 players, and we’ve agreed to play on Wednesday evenings at around 5 PM PST with a session 0 on Wednesday next week, but one of them has a shifting schedule. If there’s anybody else that is interested, there is still room for one more!

So unfortunately, a player was unable to stay with us, but we’ve had our first session of play! It’s gone well, the character’s have started to explore areas of the town to search for clues as to where missing investigators have gone, what exactly happened during a massacre a couple months ago in the town, and what the deal is with an illegal merging of a railroad that ends up leading to Luna from the town. If anybody wants to play, please feel free to join! The sessions are happening every week on Wednesday at 5 PM, PST, so far there are 3 players with me, but I would appreciate having 2 more at the most. I’m willing to walk you through making a character or make your character for you if you don’t enjoy lifepaths. I also offer a ~2 or so hours learning session with a premade character if you want to know how the system works and if you’d want to continue with the scenario proper that I’m running.

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