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Dating Your Campaign

Kaor, folks,

When running your campaign of John Carter of Mars, how are you dating the game?

That is to say… What game date do you use for the game? And how are you explaining to the game group that the day has changed or that it’s the next day?

I’m sorry if I didn’t phrase that quite right, but I hope folks get what I mean.

Thanks, in advance. :slight_smile:



With heroic-type of games I often mention weeks, days, or months (years, even!) pass. Feels more mythical, and concordant with Carter’s style.


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So far I have defaulted to my D&D roots and kept a log. “Day 1, this happened. Day 2, that happened.” That kind of thing. If a person is journeying from one city to another, I calculate days and make a note of the time travelled.

However, I like what RCautela had to say about timekeeping and think that my game might feel “more Barsoomian” if I hand-wave a little more and let larger chunks of time pass at a time. Seems like the stories never focus on the day-to-day as much as “in three months event XX is going to occur…”

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Hullo, RCAUTELA, Finarvyn,

Thanks to both of you for responding to this topic. That’s the sort of advice that I was looking for, to be honest, and both solutions make sense to me here.

Much obliged.


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