Dark Legion Blocking movement and AI question

the manual states that monster are blocking Doomtrooper movement but is that also for diagonal movement or just straight? or simply put when one Monster is in front of a door is he blocking it or would all 3 spaces need to be full?

also AI trap question, if there is a trap that is blocking spaces but the Monster can go around but will take him much longer will he risk activating the trap or go slow around it?
and if they go around will all even armored monsters not risk the trap?

I can answer the first question:

Being Blocked occurs when a Doomtrooper starts his or her activation adjacent to a Dark Legion creature (within line of sight, so walls can block this penalty). While Blocked, a Doomtrooper’s next movement action will be reduced by 1, so a normal move would only take you 2 squares. This is in any direction you travel. If you start the next movement action adjacent to another DL creature, the same would apply.

i guess i have used the wrong term, blocking as making an opening unpassable not just slowing you down from 3 to 2 movements, can you go diagonally between two monsters or monster and wall?

Oh sorry, I misunderstood.

Yes, if there is an empty square diagonally from where the DT stands, and no wall in the way, then I see no problem moving diagonally when the orthogonal path is blocked/occupied.

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About the trap I take into account what the DL unit is going for.

1: Can it reach the DT without walking into the trap? Then do that…

2: If it can only reach the DT by going through the trap this turn (if it means it get to make a close combat attack in the same roundt), then do that. Fx: 1st action, move to DT by going through trap. 2nd action, close combat action.

3: If it won’t be able to get in close combat with it’s target anyway, then don’t.

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