Crit with a focus?

So if a roll has an applied focus it can score two successes (basically the focus increases the crit range). And a roll or 1 counts as two successes (a natural crit). What if you have an applied focus and you roll a 1?

Does it count as four successes or only two?

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Only two I’m afraid.


Thanks for the answer!

To phrase it another way…
If you have a focus, focus or less counts 2 successes
If you lack a focus, a natural 1 still counts as 2 successes

Thus, the only real differences between a 0 and a 1 in a discipline are +5% chance of 1 success, and 1 added d6 when progress is rolled.

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I usually explain this as the critical success target being a range. The standard range for a critical success is 1-1. If you have a focus however, this increases the size of that range to equal the discipline score (1-4 as an example.)

Using that, there is never an instance where a place can score “better” than a 2 point critical success.

Hope that helps

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