Corey Belote-style Starship Sheets Resource

Mr.Gone just gave me starship PDFs for the STO Reliant, the STO Excelsior II, and a redrawn outline PDF of the Obena class from Lower Decks Season 2. (I didn’t like how the old version of the Obena looked.) All three are uploaded to my GoogleDocs Federation Ships folder under regular alphabetical order if you want them.

I’m back on the Earth-Romulan War beat again at the moment. Mr. Gone came through like he always does and we now have starship PDFs of the V-2 Kroixus class BOP, the V-3 Deldax class BOP, and the V-4 D’deletham class cruiser, all pre-statted and ready for download.

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Just a minor update: I’m continuing my Earth-Romulan War kick. I have Mr. Gone working on the starship PDFs for the Yorktown battleship, the Poseidon torpedo boat, and the Einstein cruiser. Give it about a week or two and they’ll be ready for download.

Ok, I just finished the starship PDF for the Earth-Romulan War era Yorktown-class battleship. Check out my post in the Emporium thread for my latest news on my Earth-Romulan War era stuff.

The file of the Yorktown-class can’t be downloaded. Google is saying the file is in the owner’s trash.

D’OH! My bad, I updated the PDF last night and forgot to update the link. Let me take care of it.

Ok updated Yorktown link in previous post now enabled. My bad, guys. Enjoy!

The Poseidon and Einstein Romulan War era write-ups and starship PDFs are incoming.

EDIT: I have a Romulan War era starship PDF of the Daedalus Mk II. It’s basically a Daedalus Refit with a sleeker outline and photonic torpedoes instead of spatial torpedoes, enabling it with a bigger punch for taking on Romulan ships.

EDIT 2: I was wavering between writing or not writing an entry for the Daedalus Mk II. I bit the bullet and started writing it. I’ll post a link to it in the Emporium thread when its done. Should only be a day or two.

EDIT 3: With all the minor edits and updates I’ve had to do to the Yorktown and Daedalus Mk II, I figure screw it. I’m gonna do what I did in the Emporium thread and just provide a link to my Earth-Romulan War folder so you can access everything in it at once without me having to update every link piecemeal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news! Cory’s been a bit busy of late with real life stuff, but he just gave me a first draft of a brand new starbase sheet!
Page 1

Page 2

Cory, Mr. Gone and I are mulling over the idea of providing multiple versions with varying numbers of Breach boxes so people who want a small station don’t have to deal with 16 Breach boxes. Also, I’m hoping Mr. Gone can insert a fillable image file field in place of the Spacedock outline; that way, people can just insert a jpeg of their own space station if they like.

If anyone has comments on how to improve this sheet (remember, this is just a first draft), feel free to post your ideas.


Layout looks great, love the tactical part being a second page. (which may or may not be used given how painful it is to get past the resistance of a Spacestation).
The only thing I can think of is you may need to add some more shield slots.
Spacedock in the Utopia Planitia book has a shield of 27 while the sheet has a shield of 24.

Given Advanced Shields can be taken multiple times which does +5 each time and Enhanced Defense Grid can be taken multiple times adding half the scale to shields (for Spacedock it’s adding 8 in this case), it’s very easy to have more than 24 shields.

More so if you have a larger station (keeping in mind the main 3 reasons to make anything above Scale 14 is more weapon damage, resistance, and talents).

I’d say planning for people to have shield 32 should be sufficient to cover the most stations. Though you do have all that empty space on Page 2, shields could easily fill that area out and give room for even more talents on page 1 and account for someone who also thought “Oh I can take Enhanced Defense Grid multiple times for this scale 20 station…”

Yeah, I already told Cory that we need more Shield boxes, especially in the light of people being able to take Enhanced Shield Grid multiple times. I emailed Cory that we need at least 28 Shield boxes, but going for 32 probably makes more sense. I know about all the empty space on page 2, but I’d prefer to make room for more Shield boxes on the first page if possible. There’s always the option of shrinking the horizontal margins between the Systems and Department title lines; I figure that alone can give us an additional four Shield boxes in addition to the empty space there. With luck, that would get us to 32 Shield boxes in the same column.

I also need to mention to Cory to change the page size from A4 to Letter. (He seems to love A4 for some reason. Maybe it’s a British thing? :wink:)

I’d say it’s simply because A/B/C-lines of paper-formats are simply technically superior (“You cannot know this, Captain, it’s a German invention.” :wink: :wink: :wink: ).

Since these are metric formats, it’s most certainly not a “British” thing. :wink:


I’ve become pretty hard-line about always putting shield “slots” into columns that are 5 (or a multiple of 5) wide. It’s just so much easier to visual “parse”. But that’s just me opining away.

Canada uses US Letter and US Legal sized paper formats; any local office supply store will offer those sizes and probably shrug helplessly if you ask for A/B/C sizes.

As much as I love to chide my American friends for not adopting metric, I’ve never really embraced the European paper sizes, despite understanding their advantages.


Can get A4 size paper here in the UK for home printers and change paper sizes in the loading trays fairly easy. Easier to do the layouts in A4 and resize things into letter or legal size.

I’m working on adjusting sizes and layouts to get things working better. So far things are shaping up nicely and I’ll have some more progress to share with you all. I’ve also got a few other ship sets almost ready to go.


Progress update: Cory has finished the second draft of the starbase sheets. He added in a few more shield boxes so there is now a total of 35 (in 7 rows of 5), which hopefully should be more than enough (or just enough for the crazier players :crazy_face:).

There will be several versions ranging by increasing Scale from Scale 6 increasing in increments of 2 all the way to Scale 16. All versions will be available in either A4 or Letter size.

Cory also went above and beyond the call of duty and added in a few numerical easter eggs, especially on Page 2. (I won’t give any spoilers on them yet. :zipper_mouth_face:) He likes doing things like that with his sheets. :money_mouth_face:

I have Mr. Gone working on converting the png files to PDF versions. In addition to adding in fillable fields, I asked him to insert a picture file field on the first page’s blank space so people can actually see their starbase on their sheet. Hopefully he’s not too busy at the present moment and we’ll have results in a week or two.

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Ok, I got some bad news and some maybe-good news.

Bad news: I just heard from Mr. Gone and between the holiday stresses, upcoming vacation, and his backlog of other projects, it seems that Mr. G is not going to be able to get to the starbase sheets until January at the earliest. (Mr. G’s exact words were “sometime next year.” Take that as you will.)

Maybe-good news: Cory might be able to continue his work on the starbase sheets and finish them himself. No word on how long this will take, though. The other maybe-good news is I’m getting my new computer in a couple of weeks and I might be able to do the work of modifying the PDFs myself after Cory and Mr. G give me some pointers. Again, there’s no way to know how long it will take me to complete the starbase sheets, so no ETA this way either.

Stay tuned.

Alredy announced this in my Emporium thread, but here it is again because I want to spread the word far and wide:

So I’ve been away from STA for a while; I was busy with Real Life ™ and with lending my editing skills over at the Rancor Pit (the Star Wars D6 RPG forum) for the past few weeks. (Man, it’s tough being a fanboy for multiple franchises!) But I am happy to finally announce that my collaboration with Cory Belote and Chris Leland has resulted in Modiphius-style starbase sheet PDFs! Go to either the A4 or Letter-sized folder depending on your preference. There are multiple versions of the starbase sheet in both folders depending on the size station you need: 6 Breaches, 8 Breaches, 10 Breaches, 12 Breaches, 14 Breaches, and 16 Breaches.

If anyone out there needs anything bigger than a Scale 16 starbase (you monster!), you’re out of luck…for the time being at least. If demand for bigger starbases appears, I can always hit up Chris Leland for a new starbase sheet with 18 Breaches.

You’ll all be happy to see that the blank space on the first page allows you to import in a picture/image file of your starbase for your PDF. (And the 2nd page has a few easter eggs that Cory inserted for everyone’s benefit.)



I hope that you all enjoy and make use of these sheets, they were a great fun to create and both Chris and Sutehp have been excellent to work with.


Worker Bee

Is there a ships data sheet for the TMP era Worker Bee?

I need a little Hero Ship for the PC Engineers.

The command book and I think Utopia Planitia book both have writeups. It is small and has low stats, but has a special engineering ability.

Oh good. Utopia Planitia is my next buy, then the Division books.

Hey everyone. Just letting you all know that I just got my copy of the Lower Decks PDF (the book is still on its way to me) and updated my Cory Belote sheets of the California, Luna, Osler, Obena, and Parliament class sheets with the official stats from the LD sourcebook.

As per usual, just head to the OP and follow the appropriate link(s) to get the newest versions of the sheets.

Things are a bit busy here but I’m hoping to find decent outlines/pics of the T’Kalat and Ganashia so I can collaborate with Mr. Gone and Cory Belote to make ship sheets for those classes as well. This will mean creating new color schemes for Vulcan and Andorian ship sheets, so it might take a while before anything is produced. With my new computer and tutoring from Cory, I just might be able to make my own versions of these sheets myself… And pigs might fly outta my butt also, but a man can dream. :crazy_face:

Anyhoo, enjoy the LD ship sheets!