Conan the (Career Choice)

For benefits of my OCD when shelving books what is the order of the Conan career books? I assume Conan the Barbarian first as it details Cimmeria which I have already. TBH I’ve had a backdated pay bonus and want to get all the currently available books to read during Lockdown… cheers guys.

They include (across the books) a page or two on Conan’s career. THAT is the order they should go in, IMO. But I’m not gonna spoil it by telling you! (start with Barabarian)

LOL cheers mate… Oh i get it the Conan NPC sheet too.

I did download a map of hyborea (GURPS iirc) and colour coded it with circles and a key detailing which land was detailed in each book too…

Also check out Caranfang’s post - “A Chronology…”