Conan Game at Role Players For Ukraine

I’ll be running a public Conan game at Role Players for the Ukraine. Profits will go to helping the people of the Ukraine. The game is Saturday 4/10 at 10am EST.
In the game, one of the PCs has a twin sister who was believed to have been captured by the Picts. The character gains a psychic connection to her. The heroes track her down into the heart of Pict territory to find she has become a powerful shaman channeling Conan’s heir, who plans to sacrifice his mother and gain unfathomable power. Navigate Conan’s court and a castle filled with traps in this exciting Conan game. Go to Role Players for Ukraine | Warhorn to sign up.

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MY game didn’t go off today unfortunately, so I took the time to do the next best thing: write a new Conan module to debut at GenCon.