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Civilian minis 4 STA

i am serching 4 minis or 3d print datas 4 minis 2 use as npcs some civilians… unarmed… fitting in the scale and style of STA

Check out Victory Force Miniatures:

And really, there are tons of sci-fi miniatures made by lots of companies out there.

yes, much scifi stuff out there, but did not see anything without a big gun

Yes, this is my problem as well for Star Trek Sci Fi miniatures.

Ironically, I found that Star Wars miniatures work best because most of them don’t have elaborate gear. I have miniatures from Star Wars Imperial Assault and Star Wars Legion. I don’t think there are any without guns, but at least Star Wars Legion ones need to be assembled, and you have the option of not equipping the guns. I can make some pictures for scale when I’m at home.

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Big guns? Are you playing an “Elite Force”-style game? :wink:
(By the way, that could be really cool, somehow!)

yeah, that would be great

Ok here are some photos. The scale is roughly identical, the Star Wars Legion miniatures come with a thicker stand, so they are slightly taller. But you can just as easily glue them to a thinner stand (the stand is separate in the package).

Star Wars Legion is on the left, In the middle is obviously Dr. Crusher, and the right miniature is from Star Wars Imperial Assault.

I use the Trandoshan as a Gorn, and the rebels and imperial snow troopers are generic space pirates or aliens in “combat gear”.

Imperial Assault is quite nice since you also get some sci fi tiles which I use for alien planets and ships.

Here are some more miniatures:

So not quite unarmed civilians but also not some super fancy armored space samurais with giant double bladed chain saw swords and multiple rocket launchers.

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