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Character Sheets for the Pre-generated Characters

Here are character sheets for the seven pre-generated characters from the core rulebook. I’ve used the names and genders used in the various examples. Originally I wanted to add a portrait of each character in the diamond on the back, but there were no images in the books which could be associated with the earthborn soldier (who, according to the description, is a Sikh), the okar spy (all images show a female okar) and the first born airship officer (the few images show a male first born).

Haran Phel, male stalwart red martian duelist.pdf (2.4 MB)
Kale Singh, male bold earthborn soldier.pdf (2.3 MB)
Maria Henderson, female courageous earthborn explorer.pdf (2.5 MB)
Volan Von, male charming okar spy.pdf (2.4 MB)
Xaidor Malas, female driven first born airship officer.pdf (2.4 MB)
Zala Zors, female canny red martian envoy.pdf (2.5 MB)
Zemm Zurros, male thoughtful green martian guide.pdf (2.4 MB)

I’ve corrected the mistakes made in the CRB: the sum of the attributes of the okar, first born and green martian is now correct. I’ve also corrected the stress tracker of the earthborn soldier.

If you want I can still swap the gender of the okar spy and the first born airship officer and add portaits to six of the seven character sheets. I would use the images from pages 14 to 19 and the image from page 30 from the CRB. (Poor Kale Singh, the earthborn soldier, would still not get a portrait, although an image of an unnamed male earthborn exists (PoM p.57). Even on Barsoom a Sikh would never cut his hair and shave his beard.)
But in this case I still need a good name for a female okar and a male first born.