Drawings of PCs from my first "John Carter" session

For my first session as GM for “John Carter”,I made drawings of the 6 main characters I offered to the players who participated.
It was fun and rather epic,even if I had some hard time handling Momentum and Threat ^^.
But I’m sure it will be more natural after few sessions more.


I like it …
… but who (and what) are they?

Thanks !
from top left to right:
-Dhevat Mohn,a charming Red Martian Duellist at the service of the sweet english lady from Jasoom.
-Khaan Khova,a renegade Warhoon Panthan waiting for the moment to claim her right to the title of Jeddak of her native tribe.
-Elinor Walsingham,daughter of a famous english explorer from Earth and freshly teleported on the surface of Barsoom.
From bottom left to right:
-Varren Khor, a Thark Infiltrator strongly impressed by the athletic talents of the strange jasoomian girl.
-Khareen Daan, a skillfull Red martian Air pilot,more at ease in the clouds than on the ground and always ready for adventure as a new friend of Elinor and Vehda the Scientist.
-Vehda Tholdd,a young and courageous Red Martian scientist,with a passion for the mysteries of her world and the call for adventure.
The 3 Red martian PCs come from the City of Duhor(the City first visited by Elinor when she arrived on Barsoom.
And the adventure was a homemade scenario.

Interesting characters.

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They look amazing!
Hope you’re enjoying the game! Definitely continue to post about your adventures!


Thank you! :smiley::smiley:
I love this game that fulfills all my expectations for great adventures,romance and intrigues! I’m still not very efficient and comfortable with the flowing system of momentum and threat,and also with the balance of dangers with the ennemies menace,but after few more sessions,I’m sure I’ll feel more at ease with those elements.
Looking forward to the next books and supplements for JCOM !

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Very nice!

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Thank you :smiley:

So awesome

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Tnank you :smiley::smiley:

Hullo, Stephane,

That’s an interesting mix of characters, to say the least.

I am currious about two things… First, what time period are you running your game in? :slight_smile:

And second, is there anywhere to read about the exploits of your player group? :slight_smile:



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Hello!! The selected period is Dotar Sojat Era,to give me freedom enough to introduce my story…and also,as John Carter is not very popular in France and I didn’t want to confuse the players(a group I met for the first time during an event) and drown them with too many informations about Barsoom! and for the report about the group’s exploits,unfortunately I didn’t write or post anything. So for you a quick report: -the barsoomian characters and the jasoomian girl had to go on the tracks of a missing fellow! this “gone guy”,another jassomian(a scientist) who was teleported along with the earthling girl,disappeared and was suspected heading to a forbidden and sacred zone to make further discoveries about the Red Planet…so the group had also to disobey the rules of the local Jeddak and sneak into a holy place without provoking the wrath of the Goddess Issus…They crossed an area with White Apes,Plant-men,fought some and finally crashed with their airship(because of a device jamming the 8th ray system) next to a hidden base of the Therns…and they had also the susprise to see the Earthling Scientist planning to overthrow the Therns with his superior ablities and take absolute control of the “barsoomian clergy”(and also of the whole planet)…Unfortunately we had no time enough to finish the adventure so we had to skip the final battle with the mad Jassomian Scientist and his new fellows Therns…maybe to be continued next time?

thank you so much :smiley::smiley:

Hullo, Stephane,

Merci beaucoup d’avoir posté tout cela!

Thanks for posting all of that stuff, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Like you, I would select the Dotar Sojat period to run the game for pretty much the same reasons, though in my case, it would be more about the freedom to create my own material, rather than the confusion around too much information about Barsoom. The latter might depend on how many players are familiar with the source material. (That is also very much part of the problem one faces with running the game at conventions. How much to tell the players about Barsoom. But that, perhaps, is a whole thread in itself!)

Shame that you’re not writing up some of this stuff for other gamers to read. (Perhaps a thread or two here about one’s campaigns migh be a good idea, n’est pas?) I’ll be posting up my game sessions to my blog (both LiveJournal and WordPress).

The plot that you run sounds very nice, and a bit complicated (as most situations on Barsoom can be!) ;), though I would be hesitant myself to introduce the Therns so early into the game. But I guess that depends on how much you’re letting the players know about the Therns in the early part of the campaign of your game. However, I do love the whole idea of the mad Jasoomian scientist a lot! I may have to steal the storyline that you’ve got there, mon ami!

Again, thanks for posting this up, and I look forward to hearing more about your game! :smile:


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