John Carter Character Creation Video!

Hey, its Virginia here, resident Jeddara of Narrators on the RPG team!
We’ve just put up a video walking you through character creation, check it out and let us know what other John Carter videos you’d like to see!


Thanks! Nice explanation. Very clear.


Hej Virginia !
Really good and simple video on how to create a character - great work :slight_smile: . I would like to see more videos about the rules, battles and examples of how to use momentum !


I’ll be sure to pass that on!
Glad you enjoyed the video! :slight_smile:


Very useful, though I notice you jump/skip over renown. Is that going to explained on it own?

Excellent, thank you. Videos like this always aid clarity and understanding. I would love to see one on the basic ruleset (in particular explaining what attributes to choose for various challenges) and one detailing a combat (perhaps a one-on-one battle to clarify the basics).

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Excellent video. Very clear

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When’s the next exciting installment?

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Great video very helpful

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Hullo, Virginia,

Love the video of character generation, though it does simplify a few steps for video brevity sake, and can’t wait for the next video. (Well, actually the second video on the basic Lore of Barsoom is out, and is quite wonderful, too…especially the artwork!) :slight_smile:

What I would like to see is a video or written version of a combat, perhaps one-on-one, that shows all the mechanics of combat and the like.

A video explaining the game mechanics would also be useful, perhaps with some actual examples of them.

Again, thanks for posting the video(s). :slight_smile: