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My first round of John Carter

Finally it was gaming after summer break :slight_smile:
We have played Conan in the past and it was some change for us with momentum and see how good the players were from the beginning. The damage dice was a little unusual from the beginning - that you had so few from the beginning. But fun that you could buy extra with momentum/threat. We ran the adventure from the base book and they managed the gladiator battle well. but it was really exciting later when they were free and met a big Banth :star_struck:
So for the next time I’ll read up on the zodanga city and it can bee a incredibly great adventure.

What is that “A New Era” booklet in the picture?

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Ooh, it’s my little prelude adventure that leading my Swedish players to Barsoom. I made Pettersson a Major in the Swedish military and is a very good friend of the players Father Leif, who is a rich forest patron. I let the character creation be a big part of the storytelling and my players started their adventure when they were 6 and 7 years old. So the booklet goes on in Sweden and make up the history of my players’ chronicle until they are 27 and 28 years old. When the players end up on barsoom they want to save their father and then the adventure from the basic book - MIND MERCHANTS OF MARS take Place ! they get up some traces against a red woman Isalia who has kidnapped Leif, so the front is my drawing of Isalia :smiley: