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Character Sheet Problems

The high rez versions of the character sheet is very frustrating. I wasted a bunch of toner printing some out only to discover that the columns were all filled with zero so I couldn’t write in them. I thought I’d suck it up and fill in the form version but the fields for what you know, etc. don’t resize the text so there’s barely any space to fill in two of the many lines that need to go there.

It would be nice if those text boxes were fixed and if there were a non-form version of the high rez sheet to print.

Hullo, Werlynn,

I agree that the form-fillable sheet is quite nice, but needs more room for stuff like the “What You Know” sections. That said, an actual blank sheet would also be quite useful.



BTW it would be nice if there were complete character sheets for the pre-generated characters from the core rulebook.

I was hoping that we’d see a JC character generator like Conan and STA.

I think that stretch goal was not hit

Hullo, Werlynn,

Indeed, that stretch goal was not met during the Kickstarter.