Dune Official Character Sheet

Oh so very exciting I ordered the Complete Collection today and the aesthetics, art and color look fantastic.

Quick question regarding the PDF download, I was surprised to not find an official blank character sheet?

Is there a separate official file available?


There will be, but you’ll notice the journal carries a sneak preview :slight_smile:


Myself and Tillerz both build character sheets on the World Anvil World Building site.

Some examples below:

Tillerz Sheet List

Graylion Storyteller Sheet List

This includes the following 2d20 TTRPG games

World Anvil has over one million users and we want to make sure they have Dune Character Sheets available. They are available to any World Anvil users to make characters starting with free accounts as there is no charge for the sheets or the use of the sheet within World Anvil. Once completed the sheets will go out as announcements in the World Anvil Blog and Discord channel to users, as well as being added to the community character sheet section.

We both passionate about Dune and agreed to collaborate on the Dune character sheets. We plan to release the preview version and update them with the final release once available. We are humbly requesting any fan-use logo or art assets that we can use to make the Dune Character Sheets even better.

Thank you for your review and consideration of this request.

If you are using STA then I suspect Dune will be fine.
But I can’t offer that sort of permission.
So I’ll pass it up the tree and see what they say.

Thank you and that is what we assumed.

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