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Fillable Character and House Sheets Are Here

I’ve made form fillable versions of the official Dune character and house sheets (both colour and black-and-white versions). While I could not use the Hoefler font as is used in the official PDFs (its license did not permit fillable forms in a PDF), I used Garamond instead as a very close and appropriate replacement. Too many folks default to Helvetica or Arial when creating forms, but neither of those was elegant or thematically appropriate. They can be downloaded below.


Dune Character Sheet Colour Mk2 Fillable

Dune Character Sheet BnW Mk2 Fillable

Dune House Sheet Colour Fillable

Dune House Sheet BnW Fillable

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If anyone encounters any issues, please let me know. Also, is it possible to get this pinned?


If anyone else develops more character sheets or the like, add them here.

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Here are character “chevalet” to help during the first sessions. These are the premade characters of Wormsign, in english and french. Made before the correction of the core rulebook, I don’t know if they are up to date. Feel free to update, change and share again :stuck_out_tongue:

Wormsign PC ENG

Wormsign PC FR

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Nice work!

Updated the french version of the “chevalet” with the translation choices made by the french publisher

Says files were removed?

Neither the house or character sheets are no longer hosted on MediaFire.