Spying martians: Difficult or impossible?

Hello fellow Jasoomians:

I was wondering, due to the telepathic nature of martians, how difficult would it be to impersonate someone or be a spy in Mars?

The pregen Okar spy PC’s writeup is slightly sparse on the topic.

Thanks a bunch for your input!

The Core Rulebook states in the Telepathy sidebar:

“Holy Therns and some other races and individuals who have developed their mental capabilities find an easier time lying, cheating, and deceiving others.”

Seems like you have a good explanation. Such a spy would be one of those “other individuals.” Maybe such an individual could have a Talent that gives him a bonus in trying to deceive other Martians as a mechanical way to deal with it?


I think it’s mostly a matter of spreading red pigments on your skin. Worked for John Carter all the time. :smiley:

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Yep, but he had “mind defenses”. I was thinking more of regular martians, like the okar spy. It came up last session.

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I’d probably make it a thing the spy can do. Otherwise I’ll be making lying martians roll their side of an opposed check at a higher difficulty. The spy I’d let roll normally.

Talents could represent better training raising the opponent’s difficulty level because they’re expecting to read your intent but you’re somehow presenting a false intent for them to pick up.

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Thanks for yr very illuminating answers!