Chapter 4 card pack and histories of the empire vol. 2

Has there been any word when we can expect eighter the card pack or the next histories of empire scenarios?
Are there already any leaks about volume 2 other then that it focuses on the dark brotherhood?

Really love the first volume and can’t wait for more scenarios.

Both have been submitted to Bethesda and returned from their first approval pass. We have a few comments to address and then we’ll resubmit.

HotEV2:S&S is split into two parts. The first focuses on a new hexcrawl module that lets you explore Bleackreach looking for Crimson Nirnroot (insert sound effect here) with all the dangers that exploring a giant, fallen Dwemer City brings with it. The second part is a campaign that sees you working your way up in the Drak Brotherhood, taking contracts and gaining favour.

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Sounds great :slight_smile: thanks for the update :wink:

Is there any more update on these? Especially the card pack.

Both are in layout.


What’s the status of the dragon expansion or is the settlement expansion coming out first? It’s good to hear things are still being worked on. I expected to hear an update during modcon but perhaps I’m missed it.

Epic Creatures will be part of Ch 4.


Is this still a thing???

It will be.

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Likely Chapter 4? Or still unknown?

Its a ways away yet. Rules for it will be included with the Ch 4 Card Pack early-ish next year.


What is the latest on chapter 4 card pack? Is it going to be released soon?

It’s in layout right now. I’m targeting September.

Anh chance we might get some preview rules for the models? After a year in the shelve my thieve guild is setting dust

That’s certainly a possibility.

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