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Chapter Two Types of Cards

Hi There

I can see that the product description contains what card stock comes in the pack. Does anyone have the number of types of cards?

I feel like after purchasing the starter and pack one I have more upgrade cards, spells & shouts than i will ever need and hardly any even cards. This is kind of crazy to me that the cards you use so often are the least common. There must be so many wandering bards and lost hunters falling over each other in a blizzard.

Basically can I expect a significant increase in the number of event cards from this set?


There are 4 (four) event cards in the chapter 2 deck. If event cards are all you’re after then probably not worth getting, however there are loads of cool new spells (mainly conjuration) and the weapons and armour cards are 99% different to chapter 1.

Thanks for the info Dave. Sorry I forgot about this post.

Yea just four event cards is not really what I am looking for.

Are there any cards for the nightingales in this pack? On the pictures you can see the ai faction matrix, so I was wondering if it might contain more

There’s currently just the Nightingale Dragonborn (which is also in this pack). The model got teased previously in the International Women’s day post.

Thanks, any like to the model? Could not find it.

Its not out yet :slight_smile:

Left hand side…


Thanks a lot. Really great model, looking forward to the release :wink: