Catian figure help

Does anyone know where I can find a male catian figure. Preferably in the black uniform with the colored shoulders. If not, my file and a yard of green stuff stand ready to make alterations.

Honestly your best bet is Heroforge. You can make a cat person. The electric priest chest piece and the peasant pants are about as close to the uniform as you can get. An unpainted custom mini is about $20

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The range folded but there was a French company who produced cat people for a game called Alkemy. I understand the scale was rather smallish but they might be a starting point if you have the GS skills and can find some. If I was making a TOS mirror universe Catian I would use this guy :smiley: .

He really has more of a Kzinti vibe to him.

Well you might need kzinti at some point…

Another thought on this- simple head swap. WizKids has done “tabaxi” in at least their DnD deep cuts line. Assuming they’re roughly human sized cat people, they look to have human proportions, so decapitate one and pick a compatible figure from the TNG era modiphius line and swap the Trek head for the tabaxi. The collar doubles for a seam, so you might not need much of any putty.

I had hoped to avoid major plastic surgery, but if it must be, it must be. Thanks all. I’ll be sure to share when I get it all together.

Go to HeroForge and pick anthro feline. Won’t get a perfect uniform but probably way better than any other option

Goid idea, but $20 is mote than I want to spend. I already have a bunch of Trek figures, some repeats. I’m ordering a Reaper catfolk monk from eBay next week and using the head and lower legs from that meshed with a Trek fig to build him. If all goes well, I can use the head and liwer legs I cut off the Trek fig to make a monk out of whats left of the cat folk fig.

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Cool! Do share your results :blush:

Here’s where I am now. The figure is assembled and just some light filing along the knees. Letting the green stuff set up before I do anything else.


Awesome! I can’t wait to see the finished product!