Cards... missing and extra?

Just a question about the content. I have 30 Event cards, two of them are #29. Am I missing a #30, or did I just get an extra?

I also have two copies of Vince Diamond, but no card for Lori Faust (?)…

Please let know and they’ll get you fixed up.

Is there a full card list somewhere that I can double check all the cards? I understand print errors can happen, and I’m not angry about it; I just want to get all my ducks in a row before I contact them again (first was about my broken stair tile).

I have event cards numbered 1 to 30
Numbers 23 to 30 have the three sided ‘star’ symbol (bonus card deck symbol )
Have you had the replacement card deck yet? (some of the cards were cut too big). If not, all the bonus cards come in that deck, as do the 15 character cards (and 5 secondary mission cards). It sounds like the replacement card pack should automatically cover the stuff you are missing,

I did get the replacement deck, and immediately swapped the card packs out. I’m guessing that the errors came from the replacement pack. Time to open the “bad” cards to double check things, I guess. Glad I didn’t toss it in the bin yet :slight_smile:

Card number 30 should be flickering light. Please contact Support and let them know you have a misding card.

Thanks. I already contacted support, as it appears my replacement pack contained a few errors. Just playing the waiting game until extras can be printed, but I’m patient.