Captain's Log Solo Roleplaying Game

Re-read the 32nd century details on page 164 regarding the IMT-C systems, which explain why the 32nd century ship stats appear lower than others.

Yeah, I now see the “While these numbers may be lower than you expected…” line :smile: Making a lot more sense now. And the scale thing is even making more sense with the nature of solo RPG combat (starships can take scale + 2 hits).

Now that I get it better, I’m actually very impressed with how the designers scaled this incredible future tech so it can still live in the same mechanical world as ships that are a millennium older. Well done!


@Modiphius-Jim Is the reprint of CL updated with the errata that are provided with the PDF?

No. Because it’s next to impossible to ensure that the entire first print run is out of stores and otherwise unavailable, and because the errata was minor overall, we reprinted the book with the same files we used the first time.

The PDFs will continue to be updated with errata as needed, though the current version hasn’t changed in a couple months, so I think v1.4 is the latest for the forseeable. All buyers get the PDFs and updates for freesies.

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Hi Jim, I know you’re not in the UK, but do you know (or can you ask!) if the Modiphius team are expecting to have copies of the book (reprint or otherwise) at the Dragonmeet event in London on 2nd December?

I have yet to get a copy :smiley:

I asked but don’t know yet. The reprint arrived this week and the warehouse needs to unpack and process the order (and send half to the US).

Sounds promising though - thanks for asking :smiley:

And happy birthday!

Thank you!

I checked with our team; they said they ordered copies to be at the con. Assuming the warehouse packs and ships them as expected, there’ll be copies for you and others to enjoy.

That’s great news - makes the trip worthwhile :smiley:
Thank you!

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They were indeed present, and I was able to get a copy!

Happy now…


Which cover did you go with?

Is there somewhere we can download a character sheet and mission sheets for Captain’s Log?

I am not aware of sheets as a standalone product. Yet, if you own a copy of Captain’s Log, Modiphius has the likeable habit of providing you with the corresponding PDF, including character sheets. If you bought a copy at your FLGS, get in touch with Modiphius support and provide proof of ownership of a copy of CL. You’ll receive the PDF soonish (I actually tested this and it all went super smooth).

That being said: @Modiphius-Jim are there plans to get these sheets online for free, like the standard STA character & ship sheets?

I’ve noticed there is no spot on the character sheet for Species.

Strictly speaking, there is, as your species does count as ‘trait’. :slight_smile:


Sheets, etc are in the pdf you get for free when you buy the book. Email Modiphius with proof of purchase and they’ll send it over.

As MisterX noted, species is a trait and would be listed on the trait line.