Butch and Power Armor

The greatest Tunnel Snake has CHA as his HP attribute. How would Power Armor affect Butch? Does the +END do anything? Several Power Armors also have - CHA so I’d assume he wouldn’t loose HP.


Power Armor effects Butch like any other model. If it increases END, Butch’s END goes up but as you pointed out, his CHA is his Health so this Health wouldn’t increase in that case.

The same applies to Power Armor that would reduce CHA - the stat is effected, which would drop his Health.

Odd yes, but if I was as charismatic as Butch my self esteem would be impacted somewhat being stuck inside a tin can!



A special “Butch” mod for his Power Armor helmet, just like Cat’s special spacesuit helmet that wouldn’t mess up his hair in Red Dwarf. :slight_smile:

That’s what I figured but I thought I’d ask.